10 Useful Tips to Use Fake Doctors Notes

Here are some of the useful tips for using a fake doctor’s note.10 tips

1. Choose a legitimate excuse or illness

This is indeed the first step that you should focus on before using a fake doctor’s note as a documentation proof. Choose an illness that matches with your personal conditions perfectly. You need to be cautious and not choose any kind of illness to obtain a doctor’s note. Sit back and think about the kind of reasons your management would accept or believe and choose the illness accordingly.

2. Deep research on symptoms of illness

Before you fake an illness, you should have a thorough knowledge on the same. Get well versed with the treatment, causes and most importantly the symptoms of the illness you wish to choose. There are numerous sites offering information on all kinds of illnesses. Read through the symptoms and be prepared beforehand.

3. Download a suitable layout

You will find myriad of sites offering paid and free layouts of a specialist letter. Avoid using the free letters as it may put you in trouble. The letter you download should be editable and ensure that it comes with a web address.

4. Fill up the details

Ensure that all details are filled up in the template. The doctor’s name should be carefully chosen by avoiding common names. Also, it is illegal to make use of a real doctor’s name. You need to keep this point in mind.

5. Avoid inclusion of phony details

The doctor’s name and other details can be checked by anyone if it’s an authorized one. The data can be accessed easily on the web and your boss may verify when he gets suspicious. Hence, avoid including details of real doctors name and details of the hospital.

6. Choose a valid phone number

When you choose the contact number of the doctor or hospital, it should be verifiable. There is always scope for your manager cross verifying your illness by calling on the telephone number specified on the note. Therefore, choose a number that’s in working condition and not an invalid or a dead number.

7. Use a good quality paper for printing

There is no doubt that medical experts use best quality papers to print the letters. Hence, don’t use a regular sheet but choose a high quality paper. After taking a print, overlapping should be done so that your manager does not think that you have a taken a fresh print out.

8. Observe the document closely before submission

Before presenting the doctors note, have a closer look at it. It should look genuine and not a bogus one. You can compare it with the real doctor’s note or ask your friends or relatives to check if it looks certified or not.

9. Register the details in your mind

You may be questioned about your illness when you join back work. Therefore, you should have the same story ready to share it with everyone to avoid suspicion.

10. Avoid choosing free doctors templates

The free notes are mostly low quality ones and won’t look genuine at all. Hence, choose a reliable site that offers genuine looking notes at a nominal fee. This way you can be rest assured that you don’t get caught.