Can You Get a Doctors Note Without Seeing a Doctor?

DR1Getting a doctors note without seeing a doctor is possible when you have fake doctors notes tailored for the purpose. There are situations that you are not really sick but require a day off desperately. It can be due to the reasons like you are stressed out with work, you have a personal work to attend, your child or wife is down with fever, you have a legal consultation and more. Sometimes you may be actually sick but unable visit a doctor to get a real doctors note. All these situations can be tackled without any hassle by making use of fake doctors note available online for download.

Can you forge a doctor’s note?

It is legally a wrong action and when you are found guilty you might lose your job. In some places in the country, if you are found to have done a fraudulent act and sent out of the company, it is hard to get the unemployment compensation as well. Therefore forging a doctor’s note and signing the note by yourself is a fraudulent act.

What is the way out?

There are reliable sites that provide fake doctors notes at a nominal price. These fake notes imitate real doctors note in all aspects. They bear authentic looking logo, address of the clinic visited, nature of illness, date, doctor’s signature and so on. When you compare with the task of visiting a real doctor personally to get a doctor’s note using online fake doctor’s note is a time and cost saving process.

When you have decided to use fake doctors note to take a day off from work or school you have to choose reliable sites that sell authentic looking fake doctor notes. The doctors notes that are available for free online are not trustworthy as they contain grammatical and spelling errors. You have to be careful about using these notes as they are not of good quality and reliable. It is recommended to choose a site that offers it for a price; this will ensure that your doctor’s note looks real and is free from errors.

Using fake doctor’s notes

You have to choose sites that deliver the notes promptly on receipt of payment. The reliable sites ensure that your payment transaction is secure and protected from hackers. These sites allow you to download the fake doctor notes without any time delay and provide you with high quality doctor notes. You have to carefully fill in the details and include only information that can be easily verified by the authorities.

The following information has to be the essential part of a doctor’s note:

  • Contact details of the doctor
  • Name of the doctor
  • Clinic address
  • Diagnoses
  • Treatment given
  • Doctor’s signature

The handwriting has to be sloppy and completely different from your original handwriting so that the verifying authorities cannot trace it back to you. Finally, ensure that you print the doctor’s note in a quality paper and using a professional printer.