Family Emergency Excuse Ideas

DR02Most of the employees understand the family emergencies and accept such excuses when it comes to missing work. Family emergencies might crop up any time and you do not realize the consequences unless you go through it completely. On the other hand, employers do not entertain emergency excuses if they are frequently used. You also have to understand the current situation at the workplace and how your missing work might affect the work in progress.  Therefore, you can make use of family emergency excuses only if there is a dire need.

What is a family emergency?

A family emergency is something that occurs unexpectedly in your family. It can be some health issue associated with one of your family members or it can be some security reasons like an attempt to a burglary at your house. Let us discuss the prominent family emergency excuse ideas that the employers can use to miss work.

Death: Death is a common occurrence in any household. When it is your close relative, employers normally understand the situation and allow you to take some time for bereavement. It is necessary to inform your boss about the time required to return to work. The time you take majorly depends on the relationship between you and the deceased person.

Accident: Car accident is one of the common emergency excuse ideas that you can use to miss work if the victim is your loved one. If the victim has suffered serious injuries it is going to take time for you to return to work. If the victim is either your child or wife, you are immediately given leave to attend to them.

Food poisoning: This can turn very dangerous if not attended to DR01immediately. It certainly falls under the category of emergency excuses you can tell to your boss. This can happen even during midnights.

Sickness: You can fake sickness at office that you are suffering from a terrible migraine. Or you can say that your tooth is aching for a long time and the pain is ascending. Dental pains are mostly unbearable and they bring about swelling on your face making you look less presentable.

Emergency repairs: Household repairs are very common and most of them can be rectified in your absence. However, serious repairs like bursting of water pipes and a leakage in gas pipe requires immediate attention. You have to be available at the place to attend to any emergency actions.

The above of some of the emergency excuse ideas you can give it your boss to leave work early or take a day off. If you have been at office and have to leave early due to any of the above circumstances honestly, you can say it straightaway to your boss. Explain the situation to your boss and also mention how long you will take to return to work. If you have only a small work to complete you can return to work in an hour or two which will best explain your interest in work. This will help you protect your job in the long run.