Reasons To Leave Work Early

DR2You may come up with a variety of reasons when you intend to leave work early on a particular day. Getting to work every day in the morning is a tedious task still mornings are refreshing and drive you to your working place. As you start with your work in the mornings, there are lots of things that come to your mind that you need to take over and complete. These things if left unattended for want of time, they create a strong mental block to carry out your office work smoothly. Obviously, all that is pending cannot be completed in a day or two. So, you may think of leaving work early to complete the pending tasks one by one. Here are some convincing reasons you can give to your boss to leave work early on different days:

Sickness: This is one of the commons reasons you can give to your boss. Sometimes it becomes difficult for you to fake illness when you are not actually sick. You can give common reasons like you have a terrible headache or stomach ache and have to visit a doctor immediately. You can also say that you are down with flue and it is intensifying. Since it is infectious, you might be asked to leave early.

Awaiting a parcel: You can say that you have ordered for an important household item which is out for delivery that day. You can say that the delivery person will be at the doorstep at a particular time and you have to be there in person to receive the parcel.

Appointment with doctor: You can say that you have a doctor appointment that evening as your child is unwell. You can say that you have to drive early home to take your child to the doctor.

Dental problems: Tooth ache is one of the toughest aches that do not let you do any kind of work. You will have to plan in advance if you are using this reason. Inform your boss that you have been suffering from tooth ache for past two days and it has worsened now. Ask for permission to leave office early to visit a dentist.

Arrival of guests: You can inform your boss that you are DR3expecting guests at your home and you have to leave early from work to receive them.

Death: You can say that one of your distant relatives or your ex-colleague has expired and you have to attend the funeral afternoon. This excuse should not be used very often.

Car accident: You can use this as an emergency excuse. You can say that your relative or friend has met with a car accident and needs your help.

Food poisoning: This can happen to anyone at any time. You can say that you dined out the previous day and that had probably poisoned your stomach.

Emergency repairs: This can happen to any household during any time. You may come across a sudden bursting of water pipes or leakage in gas pipes which needs your immediate action.