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You may have to take a break from work schedules from time to time to rejuvenate and unwind. Without this, you are likely to get bogged down by pressures of deadlines at work. Your productivity declines and you do not feel motivated enough to deliver your best. This is when you may need a doctor’s note to skip work; the same is true of a student who may feel the need to take a few days off from hectic college classes to unwind and relax. In such situations, visiting a professional medical practitioner to get a medical excuse slip may not only involve a lengthy process, but it may turn out to be costly as well, especially for college-going students. This explains why fake doctor note templates available on the Internet are appealing to so many people these days.

Tips to choose a doctor’s note template on the Internet:

  • You must ensure that the template you choose looks credible. On the Internet, you are likely to come across hundreds of websites which claim to have high quality fake doctor note templates. However, to be sure, you need to read reviews about the provider in third party sites and check for client feedbacks and testimonials.
  • You must choose a credible excuse to explain why you need to skip work or school. Women usually fall into a lot of work related stress as they also manage home simultaneously. It is better to select a medical reason that you may have experienced in the past; this helps you to be prepared in case you have to answer questions about it.
  • When choosing a template, you must make sure that it has credible looking logos and watermarks. So, it is better to opt for sites which charge you a nominal sum for the template. It is best to avoid sites that offer such templates for free; these are likely to be of inferior quality and may contain many loopholes and technical mistakes.
  • You should choose a template provider that can offer you many sample templates to choose from; this will help you choose the right excuse for taking a break from work. So, you can choose a gynecologist note or a dentist note or a chiropractor’s note as the requirements may be.
  • You must enter accurate details about your name and address, the medical condition diagnosed by the doctor and the treatment prescribed for it. All details should be verifiable should the authorities want to check them.

How does fake doctors note work?

You can easily download fake doctors note at the comfort of your home from reputable sites like best fake doctors note. The site provides you access to thirty different doctors notes on buying a single note. These notes are easily editable but ensure that you print them on quality paper to make them look highly authentic. The notes have a good recognition in all US counties as well as in Canada. They serve as best supporting proof while you return to work or school.

The product entails an exciting 3-piece guarantee. The best fake doctors note site offers guarantee for one year and if there is any kind of dissatisfaction, the buyer can intimate through an email. The site is very confident about the originality of their notes and places a challenge for the buyers- if the buyers can get a doctors note online that looks more authentic than what they provide they are ready to return the money back. Not only that! They are as well ready to offer $100 to see how it looks!

Characteristics of fake doctors note

The best characteristic of the note is that it is acceptable in all states and customizable to any area. You can use the note while returning to work or school. All the notes are designed based on the authentic notes collected from various clinics and hospitals found across USA, Canada and Europe. These doctors notes can be easily verified by your authorities through a phone call if they want to. When a customer buys a note, he or she gets access to download thirty distinct notes immediately but they will have to pay only once.

Types of templates

You can easily design your note using cut and paste option. The site also provides customers with exciting bonus materials which are known to customers at the time of buying the notes. The below are some of the templates that are very popular among customers:

  • Classic doctor’s note
  • Funeral pamphlet
  • Jury duty notice
  • Emergency room forms
  • Dentist note
  • Cardiologist note
  • Urologist note
  • Chiropractor note
  • Gynecologist note
  • Podiatrist note
  • Return to work note
  • Mental health note
  • Oral surgery form
  • ENT note
  • Classic medical excuse
  • Return to work form
  • Dermatologist note
  • Eye doctor note
  • Children’s clinic letter
  • Medical absence report
  • Mental health letter
  • And more

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A few sample notes

Cardiology note: This note is mainly issued for heart conditions. It bears a distinct logo and allows you to fill in exact reasons of your heart illness. A special field to show the doctor’s identity gives it a highly authentic look.

Gynecologist note: This note is widely used by women. As the note relates to the personal issues of women questions are less likely to rise. The note bears an attractive logo and vast fields to cite limitations. The note as well carries extra fields and an exclusive field to show doctor’s identity.

Dentist’s note: This note comes very handy when you desperately want a day off from your stressful work schedule. The note has a watermark as that of a dentist which delivers an authentic look. Usually dentist notes come handy when you have to take several breaks from your work.

Urology note: This note is ideal for people who go on frequent bathroom breaks. Similar to gynecologist note, this note also ensures your privacy and prevents questions.

General clinic letter: It is a doctor note provided in a letter form. The design includes a letterhead and footer and displays some medical limitations.

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The importance of return to work note

This note is generally authorized by either the doctor or the hospital which will clearly mention the date of your return to work after a lengthy break. It is a very important note that has to be submitted at workplace as it relates to your daily work responsibilities and the pay you may receive during this period. The doctor may clearly mention your present state of condition and how long it would take to recover from it. This would give you a good rest period which you can use to revitalize your energy levels and also carry over any incomplete tasks pending at home.


An important thing to remember about using fake doctor note templates is that you must not use these indiscriminately or for illegal purposes. These should only be used when there is a medical emergency at home that you must attend to or when your health conditions demand a few days break from work or when you must skip work to take care of someone who may need your help. These should not be used often and you should remember not to use the same excuse over and over again. When you do that, it is likely to raise the suspicions of the authorities and if you are caught, you can be severely reprimanded, at times even suspended from official duties.

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