Emergency Room Discharge Papers

ER1Emergency room admission usually involves development of sudden health conditions that require immediate attention and treatment. When the doctor decides that you are fit enough to leave the emergency room you are directed to contact your nurse for further instructions. The nurse instructs you with the prescribed medications and follow-up. You will be provided with emergency room discharge papers at the time of leaving the hospital or clinic. You will also be provided with a prescription form to get the medicines from the pharmacies outside. Initial dose of medications usually are provided by the hospital so that you need not look for a 24 hours pharmacy if it is midnight. Preparation of emergency room discharge papers may take a while. Before handing over the discharge papers, you will be instructed with further follow-up procedure

Fake emergency room discharge papers

Emergency room discharge papers generally display the complete details of your illness and the type of treatment given. Usually the emergency admissions require you staying only for a short time in the hospital till the condition betters. Once the doctor determines that you are fit enough to move out you are provided with discharge papers. So you will not be questioned when using these papers to avail a day off.

Prior to using a fake emergency room discharge papers, you have to carefully choose the illness that you will be citing. You need to choose illnesses that develop suddenly and require immediate medical attention. The ER discharge papers usually include details like:

  • Discharge outline form with hospital address, phone number and logo
  • Date of admission
  • Date of discharge
  • Type of Illness
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment provided
  • Patient’s status at the time of discharge
  • Pills prescription
  • Follow-up advised
  • x-rays or scan reports taken
  • Instructions to patient
  • Review date or follow up
  • Attending doctor’s signature

Uses of ER discharge papers

Whether it is for school or work, you can confidently use ER discharge papers to get a day off. Some sudden health conditions like appendicitis will fetch you an extended period of leave. These papers are helpful when you have an unintended sudden development in your personal life. Using these papers, you can plan to attend a wedding event of your close family relative or plan for a short vacation to revive yourself.

A sudden ankle sprain can serve as good excuse when you support it with neatly designed ER note or form. They look authentic explaining the condition and might advise bed rest for a while till the condition betters. The other common workable emergency excuses are food poisoning, diarrhea, dental problems and eye problems. These problems usually settle down upon treatment and medication. So they are ideal emergency excuses one can use when there is a dire need of break from work or school.

To conclude, when you use ER discharge paper/form as the proof document to support your reason for taking a break from work, you have carefully choose the type of illness also. It is best to make use of common reasons that are accepted without denial.