Excuse Ideas for Work

DN6There are some days when you do not feel like getting out of bed; it could be pouring outside or you may have a slight fever or you could be feeling too lethargic to step out. Whatever the reason, you know that you do not want to attend work. But, at the same time, you also realize that your employer will not let you skip your official duties even if it just for a day. In such situations, it is best to take the help of fake doctor note templates that you can get on the Internet these days. When things at the workplace come to such a stand that you find that you cannot focus on your work because of too many pressures, you should take a break to unwind and relax. And the best way to skip work is to look for believable excuse ideas to justify your absence such as these:

  • Since you cannot say that you are feeling a little unwell and that staying at home is the best option for you, you have to choose a stronger medical reason to justify your leave request. Without a good excuse, your employer and colleagues may understand that you are simply taking the day off to avoid working. A good way to get out of a tense situation at work is to say that you have probably contracted an infectious ailment like the chicken pox or a pink eye. Since you will not be able to work properly and may end up infecting others at work, your employer will probably suggest that you stay at home for the week.
  • When it is just a single day holiday that you are looking at, you can say that you have got a stomach bug or a terrible migraine pain which refuses to go. These excuses are best suited for one-day offs and you can go back to office the next day without feeling guilty or nervous.
  • When you do not wish to attend work, you can say that weather conditions are so bad that you have no option but to stay at home. However, this excuse will again work only when the weather outside is indeed harsh.
  • Sometimes you can stay back saying that it is not possible for you to leave for work because you have an aged person to look after at home and his day-care attendant has not turned up for duty. You will find that these excuses work really well because most workplaces will appreciate employees being responsible for their families too.
  • You can also cite home emergencies like sudden fire outbreak or pipe bursting in the home kitchen to stay away from the office. You can always say that you have to be at home when the firemen arrive or when the repair personnel come over.
  • A doctor’s appointment is another great excuse for evading official duties. You can use this from time to time to get away from work for a day. Dentist appointments and appointments with your child’s pediatrician are particularly effective when it comes to skipping work.
  • When your job profile is such that you are expected to interact with both current and prospective clients, you can use this as an excuse to enjoy a round of golf because your client is in town and you are expected to entertain him.