How To Fake Pink Eye?

pink eye-01There are times when you really feel like not going to work or school because of the hectic schedule that you may be expecting. Probably you would have felt that taking a day off would certainly help you gain some energy for the coming week. However, taking a day off is not that easy as you cannot cite the reason that you want to relax for a day. No employer grants leave to relax at home. Therefore, you might be wondering for a way out which could fetch you a day’s leave without any hassle. Faking an illness can be a good choice as you will not be questioned much if you support it with a doctor’s note. Why don’t you try faking a pink eye?

There are a few tips you can follow to show up pink eyes. Ensure that you choose tips that involve natural ingredients or methods that do not harm your eyes in any way. Here are a few steps that you can follow in order to flaunt a pink eye.

Step 1: You can swim in a pool so that the protective fluid of your cornea is washed away by the water. Pools are usually treated with chlorine to kill the growth of bacteria that emanate from swimmers’ body. Chlorine cannot always eliminate all bacteria that grow in the pools. So the residual bacteria might get into your eyes and irritate. Be careful that you might really catch up bacterial infection as pools can possibly create one. Take care that you do not land up in real infection instead of faking pink eye.

Step 2: Help your mother in cutting onions at home. Onions make you shed tears when they are sliced. A kind of vapor that comes out from onions while chopping is the cause of watery eyes. Choose red or white onions over sweet onions as they irritate more. Sweet onions contain more of sugar and water which minimizes the irritating vapor.

Step 3: If you are not too good at faking pink eye through natural pink eye-02ways, you can take help of drug stores. Drug stores sell eye drops that produce tears to prevent dry eyes. You can put a few extra drops than recommended to produce more tears so that the people around would think that your eyes are constantly watering.

Step 4: Try using menthol sticks which the theatre artists use to enact crying in scenes. Gently rub the stick beneath your lower eye lid so that the vapor reaches the eyes and irritate.

Step 5: Let the discharge from the corner of eyes remain after you wake up in the morning. This will give a feeling that your eyes are discharging due to infection. To show heavy or different colors of discharge, you can make use of petroleum jelly; ensure that you apply beneath the eyelids and not inside. When returning to work or school you can submit a fake doctor’s note to support your reason.

These are the steps you can follow to show up a pink eye. It is best practice to wash hands or disinfect before any application.