How To Make Yourself Look Sick?

woman-698964_640One day or other you would really feel like feigning sick when you do not have the mind set to go for work or college. This is not going to work unless you show real symptoms of sickness. So, you should know how to fake sick when you want to avoid work or college! Here are some infallible ways that you can use to call yourself truly sick.

What illness you want to fake: Choose an illness only if you are aware of the right symptoms and you are confident of faking it. If you are faking cold, you can imitate constant sneezing and show up watery eyes. Have a handkerchief always attached to your nose. You can limit with the symptoms of cold and not overdo.

When to start faking: This you have to plan in advance depending on the day you want to take off. In case, you are planning to take off on Monday start faking the symptoms by Sunday morning. Inform that you are having a severe headache. Skip food and retire to bed early showing that you are really down with cold.

Make your features look dull: When you are sick you cannot be looking fresh. You have to do some makeup tricks that present you sick. Eyes are the most expressive feature of the face. Put some dark eye shadow underneath your eyes to make them look dull and sick. Slightly redden your nose so as to make it look red imitating a running nose. A lipstick can do that trick!

Fake frequent illness: Recollect the kind of illness that you suffered earlier which people around were sympathetic about. You can just repeat those symptoms which will make people think that you have got that illness again.

Act uncomfortable: People who are sick cannot be laughing or jumping around. Keep faking that you are uneasy and do not have the stamina to sit for long. It is better not to involve in any activities that are fun filled.

Modulate your voice: When you are acting sick, your voice cannot be loud or sound as usual. When you are taking permission over phone, modulate your voice as though you are down with illness and make your conversation short with few words. Speak slowly and take long pause wherever necessary. If any questions asked, do not be in a hurry to answer. Remember that you are sick and not in a position to answer swiftly.

Fake that you can be contagious: This can be helpful if you want extended leave. Fake that your visiting office or college before the illness completely subsides could be contagious. Also, say it firmly that you got it from someone else and so there are chances that it spreads to others around.

Fake that you are upset: Your acting should not be obvious. So, take chances to express that you are not happy with the sudden illness. Keep saying that your work has come to halt and you are feeling distressed about it. Do not show any sign of happiness that you are able to stay home.

Above are the tips that can help you take a day off from work or college. Most importantly, do not take any medicines to put up fake symptoms.