F-Origin, Inc. is the developer and supplier of zTouch™, the leading force-based touch screen technology.

zTouch™ is a highly advanced proprietary implementation of force based touch screen technology. The product was originally developed for Smartphone touch screens, but has since been further refined for application into a broader set of products, such as Appliances/Controls, Medical Systems, ATMs/Kiosks/Gaming, and POS/POI Applications.

zTouch™ provides a unique set of user and product benefits, including flexible touch screen design and material options, optimal light throughput, high durability, environmental robustness, and attractive pricing.  As a result, zTouch™ is an optimal technology for a wide range of touch screens and touch panels; ranging from metal oven panels and refrigerator controls to large size indoor kiosks, digital signage and outdoor point of information systems.

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By: Mai Thai
To keep the train of thought going and follow earlier posts about physical accessibility and cosmetic/ergonomic design for people with vision impairments and other disabilities.  I’d like to share my thoughts about false touches on different kinds of touch screens.   Read More...

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Youssef Gamal joined F-Origin as a Software Developer out of North Carolina State University. He comes with a strong Embedded Systems background and has jump started the Java development at F-Origin.

Stand-alone touch-screen based products for ATM, Kiosk, Factory Automation and Gaming/ Casino units.  more info
Commercial / Residential Cooking, Cooling, and Cleaning White Goods and Industrial Control Systems. more info
Conduct procedures with greater efficiency, reliability, and cleanliness.  more info
High reliability touch for Retail, Hospitality, and Commercial POS/POI systems. more info